The Site feature allows you to control multiple networks simultaneously, create site-wide scenes and site-wide timers. For example, a building with three floors could have a separate network for each floor and a site could then be used to connect the three floors and control them simultaneously.

In order to use this feature, the feature must first be enabled in the App settings section of the app. Each network in the site must be shared and also have a gateway enabled. It is recommended that changes to a network should not be made once it has been added to a site.

Creating a Site

  • Enable the Site feature by selecting More > App Settings > Site features enabled.
  • Create a Site account: More > Account > Create account and enter the required details
  • Navigate to More > Change site (or select Sites from the app’s start page)
  • Select Create a new site or push the + in the top right corner

The new site should now appear in the Change site list.

Select the site you require and add networks to the site:

  • Select Add a network to site and then select a network from the displayed networks list. More networks can be added by selecting the + icon
  • Select Done when you have added your networks to your site.

After creating a site, more users can be added to it. Note that new users also need to have their own valid Site Account.

To add more users, select More > Privileges and tap on the + sign. Enter the user's email address. 

Then select their level of access. There are three different levels of site privileges that can be configured:

  • User (default) Can use the Site or network but cannot make any modifications.
  • Manager Can use the Site or network and can modify settings but cannot assign privileges to the other accounts.
  • Admin Can modify all the settings and can also assign privileges to other accounts.