Each Casambi enabled device stores information to allow it to run its own "internal clock" and also store the most recent data about sunrise, sunset and daylight saving times. This information is regularly updated and refreshed when the Casambi app is connected to the network.

If you do not regularly have the Casambi app connected to your network, normal tolerances of electronic components may cause the time counter of each specific device to drift very slightly over a longer periods of time. In addition, if the app is not connected for a particularly long period of time it may be that the devices do not contain the latest daylight saving data.

Casambi recommend reconnection of the app top your network approximately once every 6 months to ensures all time settings are refreshed correctly.

In addition, Casambi devices only retain the time information for as long as they are powered. If a device loses power it will obtain the correct time information from a neighboring Casambi device (that did not lose power) when power returns.

If power is lost to all Casambi units in a network then the network time information will be lost. The Casambi app then needs to be reconnected to the network to enable the time information to be “reseeded” to devices in the network. 

As long as just one Casambi enabled device in a network remains powered it will retain the time information and automatically “reseed” it to other devices when power to them is restored.