Casambi only provide limited possibilities to control Philips Hue lamps over WiFi via a Philips Hue bridge. To detect a Philips Hue bridge the "Philips Hue enabled" option must be activated in the App settings.

Control of Philips Hue is limited to manual-only control using the Casambi app itself. i.e. The Philips Hue lights can only be controlled when using the gestures in the app to manually dim the lamps or select scenes. Your mobile device must also be connected to the same WiFi network as the Philips Hue lamps for this to function.

Philips Hue lights do not operate using the same communication protocol as Casambi, and Casambi bluetooth commands between devices are encrypted. Thus direct control of non-Casambi enabled devices is not possible. 

Direct control is not possible from any Casambi enabled device or app function that requires the devices to communicate via the Casambi mesh network. i.e. Control from Casambi enabled Switches, Sensors, or timer functionality is not possible.