Sometimes you may have an issue, question or need help with your Casambi system. This is where our technical support team is here to assist. You are able to send us a diagnostics report of your network so we can try and help troubleshoot your issue. Here's how to send us a diagnostics report:

In the Casambi app, go to: App Settings- Send Feedback or Send Diagnostics (depending on region)

In the next screen:

-Enter your email (which our support team will be replying to)

-Include both diagnostics and device details

-Describe the issue you are experiencing

-Press 'Send' 

Depending on the system size, the system may take a few minutes to upload the diagnostics file. 

Note: Please be in the vicinity of the network in order for the app to upload the device information

What does this diagnostics file do?

When you submit a diagnostics file, our technical support specialists can diagnose the following items: 

-Devices offline

-Devices with low/dead batteries

-Failed devices

-Signal issues within your network