Casambi Pro is a new set of tools to create wireless Casambi lighting networks. 

The overall vision for the Casambi Pro concept is to provide lighting professionals a modern, scalable set of tools with which they can efficiently configure and commission Casambi-enabled lighting installations. The main goal is to make the lighting scenario configuration and installation commissioning work more visual, agile, and straightforward.

The main target users for the first Casambi Pro version are the lighting configuration specifiers and commissioning engineers. Please note, that the initial versions are not targeted to other roles or tasks, including maintenance or final end users of the installations.

Please also note, that there are differences between the Casambi Pro Beta version for Windows and the Beta version for iPad. While the Windows version already offers a board range of features and functionalities, the Beta version for iPad offers only read-only access for many of these features. Other the hand, the pairing and unpairing of luminaires can currently only be done in the iPad version Casambi Pro Beta preview.


Casambi Pro BETA Preview is the early preview version of Casambi Pro for Windows and Casambi Pro for iPad. The BETA version with limited functionality is provided to the Casambi community as a preview so everyone interested can test it and provide their feelings and feedback to us. Based on the feedback, we will continue to develop the first production version of the Casambi Pro.

Please Note, that it is not recommended to use the BETA for real client projects yet due to fact that there may be fundamental changes in the application during the BETA period.