Yes, but initially only with the Casambi Pro for iPad version and only to networks that are created with Casambi Pro. Thus, with Casambi Pro, it is not possible to pair device into networks created with Casambi App and vice versa.

In Casambi Pro, networks are first created in Casambi Pro for Windows in the offline configuration phase as virtual placeholders.  The placeholder networks will be converted to real networks in iPad when pairing real devices to the project.

In Casambi Pro for Windows:

  1. Spaces with groups and controllers are created added to the project
  2. Network placeholder(s) is created
  3. Each space is attached to a network. This can be done in each space's properties.
  4. Project is saved

In Casambi Pro for iPad:

  1. Same project is opened, and user can browse the project and find places he/she wants to pair devices to. The network placeholders can be seen in the Networks pane
  2. Now user can pair luminaires, switches or sensors from the Nearby Devices list to the spaces and groups.
  3. When a device is paired, the related network placeholder is automatically converted to a real network.