• I only have partial control of the luminaires
  • Some luminaires do not respond to commands or seem to react intermittently
  • The “All luminaires” button does not control all luminaires
  • I can control different luminaires from different locations, but cannot control all luminaires together
  • Scenes or timers seem to trigger randomly (i.e., not all luminaires react that should react do)
  • The app shows some devices to be offline even if they are powered
  • In More/Nearby devices, there are indications of poor signal strength (number of filled dots)


  • Devices are installed too far from each other to achieve a reliable communication
  • Physical barriers may reduce or block wireless communication signal. The real-life effect depends on the material involved

The reason Islands can occur:

  • During pairing a device to a network, communication is 1-to-1 directly with your mobile device (phone)
  • In normal network use, devices communicate between each other in a wireless mesh. If a mobile device is then used, it will then only communicate with a single device in the mesh
  • Devices may therefore be installed out of communication range of other devices even if it were possible to communicate with each one at the time of pairing to the network


How to identify a possible “Island”:

  • Power OFF all devices
  • Power ON only the device/s you couldn’t control
  • Stand near to the powered devices & they should now be controllable using the Casambi app

Resolution options:

  • Move devices closer to each other or remove physical obstructions that may block communication
  • Add a Casambi node to act as a communication bridge
  • Power & pair a Casambi device to the network (battery powered devices cannot be used)
  • Physically place the device between the areas of network that don’t communicate well
  • Check for communication improvement
  • Adding additional devices may be needed depending on the severity of the issue
  • “Bridge” nodes do not need to be programmed to do anything