The Casambi Mesh is a "Flooding Mesh", so messages in the mesh are flowing continuously until all nodes confirm that they have received the message. i.e. Message flow continues until a Consensus is reached by all devices in the network.

Since it is a mesh, and devices may be within communication range of just one, or multiple other devices, there is no selected information path for the data flow. This is the beauty of the solution. The more nodes another node can "hear", the more effective and reliable the network is. Hence there is not really such a parameter as a defined amount of "hops". 

If, for example, a node "hears" four others, the information will flow into four directions. So the "information hop" amount is affected by how many nodes one node hears. If the sending node can be "heard" by 249 other units in the network, there is just "one hop" forwards/backwards before a consensus is reached.