The Control function option for push button switches works for single Casambi nodes having 2 or more buttons. devices must have continuous power. This function does not work with battery powered or energy harvesting devices.

The Control function can be assigned to affect the last selected option triggered from one of the other buttons on the same switch panel.

Example (4 button panel): 

  • Switch 1: Controls Scene 1
  • Switch 2: Controls scene 2
  • Switch 3: Controls scene 3
  • Switch 4: Controls function

When Switch 1 is pushed and activates scene 1, button 4 (Control function) will then affect Scene 1.

If Switch 2 or 3 are pushed the Control function will affect that selected scene.

The Control function option cannot be used to affect anything triggered by a different node (i.e. triggered from another switch panel). i.e. You cannot have a button on one panel Control function of a scene selected from a different panel.