Casambi Long Range (LR) designated CBU products (e.g. CBU-TED-LR) and Ecosystem partner products that state they are LR capable, use the latest Casambi wireless module.

LR products can be used together with non-LR products in Casambi networks having Balanced or Better Performance mode. Only LR products can be used in a Long Range mode network.

LR products have the following improvements compared to non-LR versions:

  • Longer range capabilities in all network modes due to improved antenna performance
  • Radio transmission power (Default): +8dBm (Non-LR = +4dBm)
  • Supports Bluetooth 5 (Non-LR = Bluetooth 4)
  • 4x RAM & 2x Flash memory compared to non-LR

Note: Images are not to scale.

Key for the diagram above: Letters refer to the selected Network mode:

A: Better Performance

B: Balanced

C: Long range

The range capabilities of each device are due to performance and design, and may vary with different products. 

Casambi’s own product line of CBU’s with LR label have a published possible range of up to around 200m outdoor in direct line of sight.

The range for Ecosystem product designs and products produced by Casambi partners may vary (Request range information from the Ecosystem product manufacturer)