Release notes 2024-6-24

Modified on Mon, 24 Jun at 11:01 AM

Casambi Pro for Windows build 39.3.7

Casambi Pro for iOS 1.0.X build 1.0.10

New features

  • Project duplication
  • PDF import
  • Color to white ratio for scenes
  • Startup state setting for luminaire group
  • Ability to move paired luminaire from one space to another space within same network (iOS only)
  • Project documentation enhancements
  • Daylight control target Lux level can be manually adjusted also in Windows

Bugs fixed


  • App does not save the notes to the space template
  • Scene creation from iPad does not reflect the color and color temperature on Windows
  • Linger/fade time does not show seconds in the project documentation


  • Scene creation from iPad does not reflect the color and color temperature on Windows
  • Target Lux level to be shown in the adjust view and editable in the scene properties view  
  • Crash issues

Known issues


  • Groups or controllers in a space can sometimes appear outside the space are in the layout. However, they still belong to the same space, as displayed in the Project Explorer
  • Importing large PDF vector images may take several minutes, during which the app UI may appear to be frozen. If importing a PDF is too slow or unreliable, it is recommended to convert it first to a PNG and use that in the background.


  • Pairing or unpairing devices may sometimes fail and an error message is show in these cases. Please try to pair/unpair again. If it still fails, please contact the Casambi Pro support by sending email to
  • If luminaires are very close to each other, it may be difficult to select them from the layout view. However, the elements can always be selected from the Project Explorer pane on the left side of the screen. 
  • Layout opacity and hide settings are effective only when the layout is selected.
  • While zooming the layout, the UI may flicker. 
  • You may see "Updating project list failed" message after navigating from project to backstage. In this case please refresh the project list by swiping the list down. 
  • The project list layout may break in iPad Mini when the application is used in portrait mode. 
  • The user interface has not been optimized yet on the iPhone. Thus, some functionalities give poor use experience.


General notes

  • If the Casambi Pro application freezes of crashes when a project is open, the project may appear locked after restarting the application. In this case, the project will be automatically unlocked after 20 minutes and it can be reopened again.
  • If the Casambi Pro tool has instability problems or crashes, please restart the application and/or computer and alert us via the Feedback button.
  • Casambi Pro applications will receive frequent small updates where found problems are fixed. The applications will prompt when new updates are available.

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