To be able to use gateway feature the network needs to be shared first. Go to 'More' tab, 'Network Setup' and select "Sharing settings". Then select, administrator only, password protected or open mode. 

You can find more information about sharing a network here:

To enable gateway go to More tab, Network Setup and select Gateway. Tap on the gateway button to enable gateway on the device.

The device working as a gateway needs to have a WiFi or a mobile data connection as well as a Bluetooth connection enabled. The second device can now get a connection to the gateway device via the cloud as long as it has a WiFi connection or a mobile data connection.

The Casambi "Gateway" feature relies always on third party devices and connections. Because of this a continuous, flawless operation cannot be guaranteed by Casambi.


After enabling gateway please make sure that:

  • Casambi app is always open in the gateway device, at least in the background.
  • Gateway device has a reliable internet connection at all times.
  • Gateway device has a reliable Bluetooth connection to at least one Casambi unit in the network.
  • Disable all automatic updates for the gateway device.
  • Gateway device is always plugged in to a power source.
  • Disable all power save options from the device that might cause the Bluetooth or internet connection to shut down.