The paired/unpaired status of any nearby Casambi enabled device can be seen in the app from the 'Nearby devices' screen. This screen shows a list of all Casambi enabled devices that are powered on and are close to the mobile device (i.e. Within Bluetooth signal range).


A Casambi enabled device is already a part of an existing Casambi wireless network. If a device is in a "paired" state it means that it has been added to a network. If you want to add an already paired device to a different network then it first needs to be unpaired from the network it is currently part of.


A Casambi enabled device in not part of a Casambi network. It must be added to a network in order for it to be controlled/programmed. When a Casambi enabled device shows as unpaired it means that it has not been added to a Casambi network and cannot be controlled with Casambi app. When powering a Casambi enabled device for the first time it will appear as unpaired in the app.

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