Troubleshooting: PAIRED devices

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  • I can see my luminaire/device in the app but cannot use it
  • I cannot add my luminaire/device to my network
  • I can no longer control my luminaire
  • I cannot control my luminaire using my new phone
  • My luminaire will not dim
  • My luminaire says it’s “Paired” (see image)
  • I reinstalled/reset the Casambi app & now cannot control my luminaire


  • If using the app for the very first time, you paired the devices, but did not share the network
  • You created a "Not shared" network, then "Reset application" from the App settings. This set the app back to its default where the network did not exist. Devices then became part of a  “ghost” network
  • You created a “Not shared” network, then deleted & reinstalled the App. This set the app back to its default where the network did not exist. Devices then became part of a  “ghost” network
  • You chose to forget a Not Shared network (Swiped on the Network name & chose “Forget”)
  • You are trying to access a “Not shared” network using a device (phone) that did not create the network 
  • You deleted an unpowered device from your network
  • The network to which the device was paired has been deleted
  • The network administrator changed the login details
  • The device is part of a network that you do not have access rights to or know the login credentials


To unpair a “Paired” device so that you can add it to your network, unpair the device manually

  • Open app while in Bluetooth  range of the device & Navigate to More/Nearby devices
  • Tap on the device & select “Unpair device”
  • When the “Start” box appears, push “Start” & then power the device OFF then ON as the bar moves across the screen
  • If this fails, try again with a different duration between powering OFF and ON
  • To unpair an Xpress, activate it by pushing 2 buttons, then select it, choose “Unpair device”, push “Start” & then push a button while the orange bar moves across the screen
  • Successful unpairing will, change the devices network name to “Unpaired”

To access a network to which you do not know the login credentials, contact the network administrator

Note: It is advised to Share your network even if you do not share the login credentials with others

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