The most common need to unpair a device comes from when the device network name is "Paired" when checking the Nearby devices view (see image below). "Paired" is displayed if:

  • You created a "Not shared" network, paired devices, then "Reset application" from the App settings. This reset the app to its default setting (i.e. as it was when first installed) where no networks had been created or devices paired. In turn, this resulted in you not being able to control the devices because they are then part of a non-existing network. This then is a cause of issues for first time users.
  • You created a Not shared network and paired the device, then deleted and reinstalled the Casambi app. This is a cause of issues for first time users.
  • You deleted an unpowered device from your network.
  • The network to which the device was paired has been deleted.
  • It is part of a network to which you do not have access.

You may also need to unpair a Casambi enabled device for other reasons:

  • You no longer want to control the device in the selected network (i.e. you may be making physical changes to your installation and removing or replacing some devices).
  • You are only testing the device functionality before sending the product to the final customer. This may for example be applicable to luminaire manufacturers final production testing.
  • Someone else (for example, an Installer) has paired "your" device to a network "just to test it" and has not shared the network or informed you of the network login credentials.
  • You paired a device to an incorrect network.

Casambi enabled devices can only be paired to one network at a time.