Unpairing a "Paired" device / Cannot add a device to my network

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The first thing to do should you have a problem is to go to the Nearby devices view, find the device causing an issue and check its Network name. 

Users often report this issue in several ways. For example:

  • I cannot control a device. 
  • I cannot add a device to my network.
  • I can no longer control a device.
  • I’ve bought a new phone and cannot now control my devices.
  • I unpaired a device and now I can’t control it.
  • I can see the device but cannot use it.

If “Paired” the possible reasons why this occurred are:

  • You created a "Not shared" network, paired devices, then "Reset application" from the App settings. This reset the app to its default setting (i.e. as it was when first installed) where no networks had been created or devices paired. In turn, this resulted in you not being able to control the devices because it is now part of a non-existing network. 
  • You created a Not shared network and paired the device, then deleted and reinstalled the Casambi app. 
  • You created a Not shared network and paired the device, then later bought a new phone without first sharing the network from your old phone. 
  • You deleted an unpowered device from your network.
  • The network to which the device was paired has been deleted.
  • The device is part of a network to which you do not have access rights or know the login credentials.

Cure: The device must be unpaired and then paired to a network again.

To unpair: 

  • Tap on the “Paired” device you wish to unpair and select ‘Unpair device’. 
  • The app will open the 'Unpair’ screen. 
  • Tap on the ‘Start’ button and an orange "Time bar" will appear and start to move across the screen. 
    • During the time it takes the bar to move across the screen, flick the power switch off and back on again. This should unpair the device. 
    • If unpairing succeeds, then there is a message that luminaire has been unpaired. 
    • If it does not succeed, then try again but switch the power off and on again more slowly (This may be needed for devices that use an additional power supply, such as a CBU-PWM4). 
  • If unpairing continues to be unsuccessful then it is probably the case that the power switch is not correct for the device you are trying to unpair.

You may also need to unpair a Casambi enabled device for other reasons:

  • You no longer want to control the device in the selected network (i.e. you may be making physical changes to your installation and removing or replacing some devices).
  • You are only testing the device functionality before sending the product to the final customer. This may for example be applicable to luminaire manufacturers final production testing.
  • Someone else (for example, an Installer) has paired "your" device to a network "just to test it" and has not shared the network or informed you of the network login credentials.
  • You paired a device to an incorrect network.

Casambi enabled devices can only be paired to one network at a time.

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